Healthy Eating: Healthy Snacks For Santa

Mrs. Claus is aiming to reduce Santas risk of diet-related disease, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer and diabetes. Children can help Santa be healthier and learn good eating habits by leaving him a nutritious snack on Christmas Eve. If we appeal to the kids for help, it is bound to be a win-win situation, said Mrs. Claus. No one knows better than Santa how difficult it is to have excess weight on the body. Just getting in and out of the sleigh can be a drag.
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Bra Stops Over-Eating: Helps Support Healthy Eating (PHOTO)


The app will then detect those moments when the person is likely to eat for emotional purposes such as to reduce stress. Comfort eating or snacking isnt as harmless as people may think. The added carbs, calories, sugars, and fat contribute to obesity. If a person has an application that can trigger recommendations for deep breathing or other stress-reducing alternatives to food, the person will have more successful weight management.
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Seven ways to support healthy eating habits during the holidays

Relationships and food are much more complex than most people realize and being supportive can be tricky business. So how can you support someone without undermining their efforts even when you dont agree with their choices? One of the best strategies for those working on change and for those providing support is to have an honest, open discussion on how to provide support. And remember, not everyone has the same needs for support. Approaching changes together can be a big help. Here are some strategies to consider: Try to redefine your mindset around food so that its neither good nor bad. Food is one of lifes pleasures and enjoying a piece of cake is OK from time to time.
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